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NRG starts next phase in Return to Service program

NRG initiated in mid-november 2013 a return to service program to implement changes in technology, safety systems and organisation. Depending on the facility and process this initiative can take up to 3 months. The first phase of this program has been completed. All nuclear facilities and associated processes have been brought temporarily into a safe shutdown mode. This was a prerequisite for implementation of improvements.

Phase 2 of the program (‘back to business’) is now fully underway. The NRG organisation and working procedures as well as the facilities and equipment are being carefully analysed. The program is being assisted by external parties that provide expert support in the fields of organisational change, safety culture, systems analysis and asset management. The improvements that are required before restart and others that will be gradually introduced after restart are currently being defined, prepared for execution or are already being implemented.

We reiterate that there are no safety issues at NRG. The time claimed now by NRG to implement this ‘Return to Service’ program is needed to improve operational reliability for the long-term future.

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Note to the editor:
For more information please contact Cora Blankendaal, the NRG Press Officer
Tel. 0224 564653, info@nrg.eu.

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