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NRG takes High Flux Reactor back into operation

This afternoon, at round 4:30 pm, the research reactor of NRG reached its full power of 45 MW . After more than four months, NRG resumed the production of medical isotopes and irradiation of materials. "NRG is available again for supplying medical isotopes to the market",  says Niels Unger, CEO of NRG. "This way we are approaching the end of Return to Service program, introduced mid-November last year. Thanks to this program, we are returning as a reliable partner."


Return to Service Program

To avoid unplanned outage of NRG 's nuclear facilities, NRG had brought all its facilities and related processes in a temporary, safe standby mode. This was required in order to make improvements. Improvements have been made ​​in technology, safety and organization. The improvements that were required to start the High Flux Reactor have been carried out and implemented. The same applies to the Decontamination and Waste Treatment Facility and Jaap Goedkoop Laboratory. The Hot Cell Laboratories will also be taken into use in the coming week. Improvements to the Molybdenum Production facility are ongoing.


Long - term agreements

NRG is currently working on an investment program in order to be able to keep operating the nuclear facilities in a reliable and safe way, until the commissioning of the new PALLAS reactor. To make this possible, negotiations with customers are taking place on long-term agreements for the supply of products and services. In addition, in view of the changes in the market, the strategy and organizational structure are revisited.


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More about NRG

NRG is a specialist in nuclear services. The over 500 employees have advanced knowledge and are innovative. The company operates in global markets for nuclear technology and waste disposal.


NRG operates the HFR and is market leader in Europe in the production of medical isotopes. In the Netherlands, NRG is an authority in the field of radiation protection. NRG has partners in science, industry and healthcare. NRG’s core activities are performed by three business units: Irradiation & Development , Radiation & Environment and Safety & Power .


For more info see: www.nrg.eu. Below is an explanation of the facilities mentioned.


For more information please contact Cora Blankendaal, press officer at NRG. Tel. 0224 564653, info@nrg.eu.