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NRG completes the final stage of Return to Service:

Nuclear facilities back in full operation

With the start-up of the Molybdenum Production Facility (MPF) in mid April, NRG has completed the final stage of the Return to Service program. Now the nuclear chain, that is party responsible for the production of medical isotopes, is back in full operation.

Return to Service Program
To avoid unplanned outage of its nuclear facilities, NRG has put all its facilities and related processes from November 15, 2013 in a temporary safe standby mode. This is required in order to implement improvements; in technology, procedures and organization. The improvements that are required to restart the High Flux Reactor have been carried out and implemented. The same applies for the Facility Decontamination and Waste Treatment, Jaap Goedkoop Laboratory and the Hot Cell Laboratories. The HFR and most other nuclear facilities are put back into operation in February 2014. With the restart of the Molybdenum Production Facility the final phase of this program is now completed.

Assurance of reliability to 2024
NRG is currently working on an investment program for its nuclear facilities as to operate reliably and securely until the commissioning of the new PALLAS reactor. To make this possible long-term agreements for the supply of products and services have been negotiated with the customers. In addition, in view of the changes in the market, the strategy and organizational structure will be re-evaluated.