Mission & Vision

NRG responds to the social need for high quality nuclear research and innovation, safe and reliable nuclear isotope production and services to organisations working with nuclear technology.

NRG is the global market leader in the production and supply of isotopes. Every day, 30,000 patients worldwide are diagnosed using isotopes produced by NRG. In the Netherlands, 1,300 diagnoses are made every day using isotope Molybdenum-99. In addition, NRG produces isotopes like Iodium-131 (thyroid cancer), Xenon-133 (lung ventilation studies), Iridium-192 (brachytherapy), Lutetium-177 (tumour therapy) and Strontium-89 (painkillers for bone cancer).

All over the world, there is a growing need for affordable and high quality health care. NRG creates more diagnostic, pain treatment or therapy options for patients using nuclear technology. This is facilitated through innovation and the development of new products. 

NRG applies the international OECD-NEA guidelines for a level-playing field and operates on the basis of full cost recovery for the medical isotope market. The same rules thus apply to all manufacturers and all the costs incurred in the production must be incorporated in the price. 

The organisation also initiated the development of a new reactor to replace the current High Flux Reactor in Petten. Preparations for the construction of this PALLAS reactor have been assigned to an independent institute founded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the province of North Holland.

In fifty or a hundred years’ time, our energy supply will be very different from today. However, issues like cost efficiency, guaranteed supply and sustainability will continue to play a role in the future. Nuclear power stations will be involved. NRG contributes to the development of knowledge aimed at safe and responsible nuclear energy generation. 

Protection of people and the planet from radioactivity and radiation is an absolute condition for a responsible approach to nuclear technology, in industry, health care and other social and economic sectors. NRG therefore provides specialist and integral services relating to radiation protection, the decommissioning of nuclear installations and the processing of radioactive waste.

NRG strives to safeguard and further expand its role as a nuclear service provider, so that the organisation can grow. This is achieved through international expansion and by developing new activities, among other things. In view of the capital-intensive character of installations and the importance of continued investment, it is essential to build up the organisation’s financial robustness.

NRG’s activities demand a high degree of security and reliability. It therefore applies the characteristics of the High Reliability Organisation (HRO). Constantly improving the organisation’s reliability is the basis for its operations and culture. 

NRG works alongside partners in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, in industrial sectors like energy companies and oil and gas companies as well as with scientific organisations and government bodies. Partnerships are important to NRG. In view of the nuclear aspects of its work, NRG is open and transparent about its activities towards partners, politics, press and the public.