Nuclear facilities

High Flux Reactor (HFR)
Commissioned on 9 November 1961
Important social function in the production of medical isotopes and research into energy supply.

Hot Cell Laboratory (HCL)
Commissioned on 5 December 1964
This laboratory performs post-irradiation research. Here, radioactive materials that are irradiated in the High Flux Reactor can be processed for further research and production.

Molybdenum Production Facility (MPF)
Commissioned in 1996
Situated next to the HCL, this facility prepares the irradiated molybdenum for transport to the hospitals.

Jaap Goedkoop Laboratory (JGL)
Commissioned in December 2007
This modern laboratory hosts research into lifetime reduction of radioactive waste and the development of new isotopes for treating patients.

Decontamination & Waste Treatment (DWT)
Commissioned in 1960
This facility is used for the decontamination of radioactively contaminated materials. Materials are cleaned here and the radioactive waste is collected and packaged separately to be transported for storage.

Waste Storage Facility (WSF)
Commissioned in 1962
This storage facility is used for the temporary storage of radioactive waste before it goes to COVRA (the Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste) in Borssele.

Low Flux Reactor (LFR)
Commissioned on 28 September 1960 (out of use since 2011)
This reactor was mainly used to train reactor staff. Materials research was also carried out, such as authentication of paintings.