NRG and LeadCold start collaboration on Small and Affordable Nuclear Reactors

Beginning of 2018, NRG and LeadCold started a multi-year collaboration with respect to safety analyses of the SEALER small modular lead cooled reactor under design by the LeadCold company for deployment in remote arctic regions e.g. in Northern Canada. Both companies will compare their independent safety analyses. On top of that, NRG intends to use advanced 3-dimensional simulation techniques to confirm the feasibility of certain design safety features which can not be evaluated using conventional simulation techniques. In the long term, LeadCold intends to construct an electrically heated model of their reactor which should allow additional experimental verification of the advanced design safety features as well as the simulation techniques applied by NRG.

NRG project manager Ferry Roelofs is looking forward to this collaboration which will put the advanced simulation techniques developed at NRG as part of the Dutch national R&D program to the test. "Also, the long term outlook on having experimental validation for our simulation techniques is exciting". Similarly, Janne Wallenius, CEO of LeadCold is enthusiastic about this collaboration. "The advanced simulation techniques of NRG should confirm proper functioning of the designed safety features our reactor relies on and will help in convincing safety authorities about our approach".