The step-by-step plan

The project includes the sorting, separating and repackaging of the stored historical waste, after which it is transported to COVRA. The activities will be conducted according to the step-by-step plan below:

  1. Lifting the cans out of the storage facility (WSF)
  2. Inspecting the cans
  3. Characterising the waste by activity level
  4. Sorting and separating the waste
  5. Packaging by type in new cans
  6. Measuring the cans and collecting radiation and safety relevant information
  7. Packaging low activity waste in transport container and shipping to COVRA
  8. COVRA compacts the low activity waste together to reduce the volume and stores it
  9. Temporary storage of new cans of intermediate activity level waste in the WSF
  10. Lifting the sorted drums from the WSF and  transporting them to WTF
  11. Packaging in transport container
  12. Transportation to Service Provider
  13. Compaction to reduce volume
  14. Casting into cement for safe long-term storage
  15. Transport to COVRA
  16. Storage at COVRA