Energy: research programme

Countries with a nuclear programme, like the Netherlands, perform research in order to update and improve their nuclear knowledge. On behalf of the Dutch government, NRG carries out a nuclear research programme. This research programme is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The Dutch government has defined four priorities for the research programme:

  1. Securing and continuous improvement of nuclear safety
  2. Reducing the impact of radiation
  3. Optimising solutions for radioactive waste
  4. Contributing to a low CO2 economy

In the future, NRG will increasingly focus on applied research. NRG represent Netherlands in future-oriented European and international research programmes and projects, such as the nuclear fusion project ITER and the research project ARCHER, in which R&D efforts relating to high temperature reactors are coordinated.

NRG’s research can roughly be categorised as follows:

  • Desk studies: modelling, simulating, calculating, advising, etc.
  • Experimental research in the High Flux Reactor (irradiation) and laboratories: qualifications and tests
  • Public information: informing the press and the public about NRG’s research work.

Highlight Research Programme
Read the highlights of the Research Programme.

For further information, please contact:
Research & Innovation
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Annual Report NRG Research Programma 2017 (English)