Due to the ageing population and increasing welfare, demand for medical radioisotopes for diagnostics and therapy is increasing year by year. NRG explores and develops alternatives for existing production processes and introduces innovations into the nuclear logistic process.

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New developments in medical technology will require more and new medical radioisotopes to ensure that the patient continues to be offered customised and affordable nuclear medical diagnoses and treatment.

DIVA (Dutch Isotopes Valley), the partnership between URENCO, Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) and NRG, aims to continue providing patients with medical isotopes in the future, and particularly better medical isotopes for more accurate diagnoses and therapies to treat more forms of cancer. The activities of the three DIVA partners cover the development and (reactor) production of medical isotopes, including the coordination of studies into precursors and (enriched) stable isotopes (URENCO), research into irradiation conditions and the necessary irradiation facilities (TUDelft) and the final (industrial) production and marketing (NRG). With the DIVA partners, the Netherlands has a combination of facilities and expertise unique in the world with which it can guarantee its contribution to the future development and production of medical isotopes.

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