NRG has the power and readiness to provide customers with products and services in a consistent way, fulfilling its contractual demands and complying with the relevant legislation, regulations and standards. To guarantee this, an ISO 9001:2008-certified management system has been introduced, to promote professionalism and continuous improvement.

NRG concentrates on ‘doing it properly first time’ through attention to the systematic prevention of deviations, rather than incident-driven correction.

Core values
The principles of the NRG Quality Policy are NRG’s core values:

  • Safe and reliable
  • Financially robust
  • Market and customer-oriented
  • Open and transparent
  • Professional and expert

Ensuring safety, especially nuclear safety, is key in NRG’s operational processes. This is a prerequisite within which the quality management system is applied. In our view, quality control is one of the cornerstones of safe operations.

SCC / ISO 17025
Departments for which this is relevant are also SCC and/or ISO 17025 accredited. The current ISO17025 RvA accreditations are:

  • L576 NRG Consultancy & Services - Inspection & Services
  • L621 NRG Consultancy & Services - Laboratory Services