Safe working at NRG

NRG is convinced that accidents and damage to health and the environment as a result of our operations can be prevented.

Our general objectives are therefore: no personal accidents, no harm to health, no environmental damage and no damage to the surroundings. Health, safety and environmental protection therefore form an integral part of our operations.

We work safely at NRG or not at all
NRG personnel share responsibility for health, safety and the environment. NRG has an organisational culture which assumes that we accept responsibility for our own and each other’s safety. To this end, NRG imposes high professional standards on its personnel. Everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in our activities, so not only NRG employees, must focus on ensuring healthy, safe and sustainable conditions in the workplace.

Higher standards
International, national and local safety laws and rules form the basis for NRG’s safety policy. Where necessary and possible, NRG imposes higher standards for health, safety and the environment to achieve:
A safe workplace: safe to arrive at, safe to be in and safe to leave.

  • A high level of nuclear safety at our facilities.
  • Safe facilities, tools/materials, equipment and working systems.
  • Sufficient and suitable provisions for the safe handling, storage and transport of goods and materials.