Safety comes first

Strict security measures apply on NRG’s sites. Visitors to NRG and other companies on the Petten Research Site must identify themselves with a valid passport. Visitors are not granted access to NRG’s nuclear installations.

NRG works with various nuclear installations and radioactive materials. Safety for our neighbours and staff is a key condition for NRG’s operations. Whenever a potential problem arises, NRG closes down the operation concerned while it investigates the situation.

Emergency response team
NRG has an emergency response team that is ready to intervene in the event of incidents and emergencies. If an incident occurs with possible consequences for staff or the surroundings, this emergency response team goes into action.

This happens in the event of a power cut on the public grid, a dune fire or an accident in the workplace. Various kinds of expertise can be deployed in such situations. Regular training exercises are organised for the emergency response team aimed at teambuilding and refreshing knowledge and skills.

Another part of NRG is the company fire service, whose members are familiar with the location and installations and trained to act fast. The fire service also plays a major role in the prevention of incidents.
In major incidents with an effect on the surrounding area, the municipality of Schagen or the safety region North-Holland North takes responsibility for crisis control and communication to the public and media. To this end, NRG maintains regular contact with these bodies.

In incidents of a national or international scale, the National Operational Coordination Centre (LOCC) at the Ministry of Internal Affairs takes control of the crisis management under command of the Ministerial Crisis Management Commission.