NRG operates five nuclear facilities/laboratories, each providing a unique set of irradiation services, either independently or in combination.  The irradiation chain consists of the NRG activities in the facilities in Petten, from procurement of raw materials up to the worldwide logistics and transportation of nuclear materials.

Depending on the irradiation requirement, NRG offers services in each of the steps in this irradiation chain,. Key to our services is material irradiation in the High Flux Reactor Petten (HFR).
Schematic process of the irradiation chain:

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The wide range of services offered by NRG are based on over fifty years of nuclear experience. NRG provides irradiation services to businesses, universities, research and other institutions and governmental organisations worldwide. Contact our Irradiation Solutions representatives, to explain which  added value the NRG irradiation chain can provide for your specific needs.