LEAF software

As NRG we have developed an integrated approach for fatigue management during LTO (Long Term Operation). To ensure the validity of the load assumptions made in so-called fatigue TLAAs (Time Limited Ageing Analyses), fatigue monitoring is an important aspect.



The fatigue monitoring approach couples load monitoring, transient counting and fatigue assessment in a sophisticated way. The projected numbers of cycles are verified by load case counting, and the thermal design transients are verified by evaluating temperature measurements (measured through your plant monitoring system and/or FAMOS) with the load evaluation application LEAF. Based on the results of the approach, the actual fatigue status of the various components can be monitored and reported, to demonstrate management of fatigue during LTO.

Characteristics of LEAF are:

  • Verification of fatigue design transients with temperature measurements
  • Transient counting and comparison with transient budget
  • Measured transients are defined by:
    - General information from plant process information system (pressures, temperatures)
    - Fatigue specific thermocouple data (including stratification)
  • Possible custom specific implementation (adaptation of customer requirements and wishes)
  • Options to adapt the settings for verification to get insight in sensitivity (no black box)
  • Flexibility: intervention by user
  • Strong fatigue basis by synergy through three fields (transient counting, transient verification and fatigue analyses)
  • Standalone operation possible at powerplant, after initiation, installation and customisation period

We can update you with more specific information and a demonstration.