Materiaal- karakterisering & -kwalificatie

The structural materials adopted in nuclear reactors can be exposed to high levels of (neutron) radiation. Under the influence of temperature, pressure, interaction with the environment and radiation, the behaviour of the materials can change fundamentally. Operational performance and safety, and the service life of the nuclear reactor can be significantly impacted by this behaviour change.

NRG has extensive experience in the development, improvement, characterisation and qualification of existing and new nuclear materials. All aspects can be covered by NRG:

  • manufacture and processing of (radioactive) samples of the quality required
  • design and build of irradiation facilities on site
  • irradiation under controlled neutron flux, neutron spectrum and temperature
  • during irradiation: measurement of temperature, flux and dimensions
  • after irradiation: testing, examination and characterisation in a flexible, shielded hot cell environmenttreatment and storage of the nuclear waste generated.


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