Shielding Inspection

Employees working in areas using X-rays or radioactive substances must know that they are safe. When such areas are commissioned, it is therefore important that the radiation shielding is properly installed. NRG uses different kinds of measurements – mainly in hospitals – to check  this shielding.

NRG also provides advice on applying the correct thickness and materials for the necessary shielding (calculation and dimensioning) and verifies this during the construction or on completion. The following inspections can be performed for this purpose:


  • Visually inspecting the lead shielding during construction.
  • Checking for deficiencies in the lead shielding installed.
  • Determining the transmission factors of the shielding.

Specific (after the siting of equipment):

  • Determining the (annual) dose for employees working in and around the areas. The results can then be tested against the RI&E.
  • Carrying out check measurements on the equipment. These may be used to demonstrate that the equipment can be used safely and responsibly.