Filter Tests

For various clients, NRG carries out various tests to determine the quality of the filter systems used in nuclear installations.

In an installation where radioactive substances are used, the air is usually channelled through a battery of air filters before it may be discharged into the environment. Proper operation of the filters is essential for compliance with the conditions of the NEA licence (see above) issued to the installation. A properly functioning filter system also contributes to the optimal reduction in the discharge of radioactive substances according to the ALARA principle.

It is vital to check the operation of the filters annually. NRG conducts tests which include those to determine noble gas delay systems, iodine capture and the quality factor of aerosol filters. After the test, the client receives a clear report about the quality of the filters tested.

Depending on the results, the client may decide to replace the filters or use them for another year. By not replacing the filters unnecessarily, significant cost savings may be achieved. At the same time, the business objectives and obligations with respect to the environment are demonstrably safeguarded.

NRG’s services include:

  • In-situ determination of the noble gas delay factor of a filter by injecting Xe-133 or other noble gases
  • In-situ determination of the iodine capture of a filter by injection of I-131
  • In-situ determination of the capture of a HEPA filter by injection of non-radioactive aerosols
  • Advice on the installation of test points in a ventilation system
  • Analysis of filter carbon samples and quality determination in NRG’s laboratories
  • Clear reports