Monitoring & Inspection Programme

In every licence, requirements are imposed on the maximum permitted risks with which the licensed application may be associated. These risks are usually defined for the employees, the safe layout of areas, the emissions into the environment and how the waste streams must be managed.

NRG is able to translate your licensing requirements as efficiently and cost effectively as possible into a monitoring & inspection programme. We do this for your employees, working out the optimal mix between the different forms of personal dosimetry and area monitoring. We can also advise about the choice between discharge calculations and discharge measurements, and the most appropriate measurement systems or analysis techniques. Finally, we can also help you reduce the levels of radioactive waste.

At least as important as setting up a monitoring and inspection programme is regularly checking whether the programme also works properly in practice. In order to establish this, we also help customers set up an inspection programme to be able to check the effectiveness of the radiation protection organisation and the implemented provisions and monitoring programmes. The registration system we have also developed is able to record the results from the monitoring programme. It can also ensure that the licensing conditions are not breached. This registration is part of the digital NEA file ReGuard. (NEA = Nuclear Energy Act).

If required, we can also check measurements and conduct audits and inspections on your site.