Radiation Measurement Equipment

Regular inspection of radiation measuring equipment is vitally important for the reliable determination of elevated radiation levels and possible contamination. Annual inspections of portable measurement equipment and fixed measurement setups are recommended.

NRG possesses various facilities and qualified personnel for the maintenance, repair and calibration of radiation and contamination measurement equipment. Regular inspections demonstrate the proper operation of measurement instruments and reduce the risk of erroneous measurements. If required, electrical safety tests of equipment (NEN 3140) can also be done.

To carry out these measurements, different types of measurement equipment are used:

  • portable radiation and contamination measuring equipment
  • permanently set up measurement equipment, such as hand-foot-clothing and portal monitors
  • discharge monitoring equipment, such as noble gas, iodine and tritium monitors.

If required, NRG can perform the administration and maintenance planning. Depending on customer needs, on-site calibration can also be carried out. Furthermore, the client can use the NRG exchange system, ensuring that he is never without an essential instrument. Finally, hiring recently calibrated measurement equipment is another option. All calibrations are performed with VSL traceable standards.