Frequently-Asked Questions about ReGuard

We have listed our frequently asked questions and answers for you.

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About ReGuard and the NEA (Nuclear Energy Act) file

What is a NEA file?
Without proper recordkeeping, the quality system for radiation protection cannot be maintained. In accordance with Article 120 of the Radiation Protection Decree, there must be an administrative management system in which all relevant data relating to radiation protection is recorded: the NEA file. This system must be clear, comprehensive and transferable.

Am I obliged to maintain a NEA file?
If you work with radiation, you must keep a NEA file. The Inspectorate checks explicitly for the presence and completeness of your NEA file.

What is ReGuard?
ReGuard is an online digital NEA file. ReGuard provides you with completeness, certainty and convenience.

By purchasing ReGuard, have I then complied with my obligation pursuant to the Nuclear Energy Act to maintain an administrative management system?

NRG completes your digital NEA file in as much detail as possible based on the information you provide when ordering. Where information is missing, you will be alerted via warnings on the dashboard. The contents of the NEA file remain your responsibility, but ReGuard will provide optimal support.


Ordering ReGuard

How is the ReGuard product supplied? 
Once you have completed the ordering process, a ReGuard account is automatically created for you. You receive confirmation in your mailbox, where you will also find the Internet address of your own secure environment (your personal URL) and your user name. With this information, you can log in to your personal environment on a secure webserver managed by NRG.

How does the payment proceed? 
The amount due for the coming year is charged by means of the first invoice. If you order in November, then 2/12 of the annual charge is invoiced. You will then receive an invoice annually at the start of the year. Payment should be made within 30 days.

I have other questions about ordering, or I have experienced problems during ordering.
For questions about ordering ReGuard, please contact Sales Support, or +31 (0)224-564356. The Sales Support department is available between 8.30 and 17.00 on working days.


Service Provision

How is ReGuard’s continuity guaranteed?
NRG regularly backs up your data so that they are retained if any disruption should occur.

How is the confidentiality of my data ensured?
The access to your data is secure. Our software has been subjected to security tests through which we vouch for the confidentiality of your data. You determine who may access your data and what they may do within your digital NEA file. 

Is there a helpdesk if I have questions about using ReGuard or if I experience problems while using it?
For questions about using ReGuard, please contact the Service Desk, or +31 (0)6-10133968. This helpdesk is available between 8.30 and 17.00 on working days.