What is ReGuard?

Do you want to manage all your radiation protection data simply and efficiently, as well as proactively manage the status of your notifications and licences? You can!

In order to manage all the radiation protection data simply and efficiently as well as proactively manage the status of notifications and licences, NRG offers its clients ReGuard, the no. 1 NEA file. ReGuard implements the plan, do, check, act cycle and helps you keep your radiation applications and the related risks under control. You are demonstrably in control.

ReGuard, the digital NEA file, offers you an up-to-date overview of your organisation’s radiation protection.

ReGuard offers:

  • Completeness: all relevant NEA matters in one comprehensive package
  • Certainty: integrated monitoring and warning function
  • Convenience: intuitive dashboard with concepts appropriate to your organisation
  • Availability: 24/7 online availability, anywhere
  • Modular: expandable with other equipment, reports, etc.

Already configured fields and an intelligent ‘wizard’ help you get started quickly. We can also provide guidance. And after commissioning, we can even manage your NEA file remotely.

NRG developed ReGuard in-house, bundling our many years of knowledge and experience relating to radiation protection and the Nuclear Energy Act into a fully integrated system. Through intensive cooperation with users in various sectors, ReGuard optimally supports your work processes and is simple to use.

ReGuard helps you to work safely and responsibly with radiation. You can thus demonstrate that your organisation complies with government requirements and that it stands for delivering quality and safety.

Are you interested in a simple and manageable NEA file? Then please contact us for more information via +31 (0) 224 56 4356 or CS-Sales@nrg.eu.