Interactive Desktop Simulators

Interactive desktop simulators of a nuclear power plant are realistic small scale representations of a plant running on a single laptop. They simulator represent the behaviour of the plant while the user can actively make changes to the plant’s operation. NRG’s simulators can be offered as a tailor-made product for a range of different purposes. They can provide simulation of generic PWRs and BWRs, as well as specific installations and can simulate a wide range of accidents.

The desktop simulators are based on different thermo-hydraulics codes like MELCOR or SPECTRA. A realistic model of the plant is written in a chosen code and behaviour of the plant is calculated during the simulation. A visualisation module clearly represents the response of different parts of the plant to calculated events and actions by the user, from the rise and fall of water levels and temperature changes to core melting and relocation.

Visualisation is provided on multiple screens representing details of the installation as well as an overall view of the plant. The user can access the screens and initiate changes to the simulation on a user-friendly graphical user interface. Interactive desktop simulators provide a real time representation of the plant’s behaviour and immediately respond to the changes triggered by the user.

Interactive desktop simulators are a helpful and practical tool for the training and education of operators, government nuclear regulatory bodies, students, employees of companies involved in nuclear business and nuclear power plants and anyone else interested in nuclear installations. They provide hands-on experience with installations, tools to familiarise oneself with reactor designs and operation and training tools for emergency response procedures.


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