Safety Analysis Report (SAR)

Typically, a Safety Analysis Report (SAR) is a document which enables the regulatory body to assess the safety of a nuclear power plant. Preparing a preliminary SAR (PSAR) is part of the licensing process for new build nuclear power plants. Revision of a final SAR (FSAR) is usually part of the process of extending a license.

In the course of preparing or revising a SAR, government-specific requirements must be observed. In many countries, a PSAR provides the basis for the building permit while a FSAR serves as the basis for the operating licence. If safety-relevant modifications are implemented in the nuclear power plant after commissioning, a revision of the FSAR as well as a licence change application is usually required. In the Netherlands, the concepts of PSAR and FSAR are slightly different. Instead, a Safety Report (SR) and TIP (Technical Information Package) are required. The level of detail of the TIP is comparable to a SAR, whereas the SR contains a more general description of the nuclear installation. The SR is a public document.

NRG has extensive experience in the preparation and revision of Safety Analysis Reports, both for its own nuclear facilities and those of its customers (see references below). Our experts are familiar with the international standards for PSAR and FSAR (e.g. IAEA GS-G-4.1 and NRC REG-1.70.)

They can support your organisation in:

  • producing or assessing a PSAR / FSAR and revision of parts thereof
  • conducting studies to support the Safety Analysis Report
  • consulting the regulatory body.


RID, Netherlands (2013-2015) – a complete revision of the SR and FSAR (Dutch TIP).

EPZ, Netherlands (2011-2014) – a complete revision of the FSAR (Dutch TIP), including System Descriptions, Safety Analyses and Technical Specifications, creating an FSAR database and configuration management.

COVRA, Netherlands (2012 – 2013) - Assistance while preparing and updating SR and FSAR (Dutch TIP). Moreover NRG performed several studies, including risk and hazard analyses, accident analyses and ensured the revised documentation was compliant with safety standards and regulations.

OL3, Finland (2007 – 2010) – NRG performed the safety evaluation for around 140 nuclear safety systems. For each system, it was demonstrated that system design complied with the applicable safety regulations. These results were incorporated in the PSAR.
NRG, Netherlands - Preparation of Safety Reports for NRG's own nuclear facilities, including the High Flux Reactor (HFR), Hot Cell Laboratories (HCL) and Molybdenum Production Facility (MPF).