Technical Specifications

Non-availability of safety and safety-related systems and components imposes a risk for safe operation of a nuclear facility. The allowable duration of non-availability and the required measures are therefore defined in Technical Specifications. NRG supports nuclear facilities in the preparation, revision or review of the Technical Specifications.

An important condition for safe operation is the availability of systems whose operation is credited in accident analyses. If these systems are not available for a certain amount of time (for example because of maintenance, repair or replacement), this imposes a risk. The duration of temporary non-availability of a system or component as well as the required measures are therefore defined in the Technical Specifications. In other words, the Technical Specifications constitute the set of operational limits and conditions for the safe operation of the facility.

For the preparation, revision or review of Technical Specifications, in-depth knowledge is required of the nuclear safety concept, the technical design and the safety analysis of the reactor installation. The combination of these sources of information is necessary to define the preconditions of allowable non-availability. NRG’s general and specific knowledge of and experience with nuclear safety of several reactor designs makes it a competent party to work on Technical Specifications.

In recent years, NRG contributed to the preparation of the Technical Specifications of the High Flux Reactor (HFR), Borssele Nuclear Power Plant (KCB) and Olkiluoto-3 (OL3).