Radiation Protection Experts and Officers

NRG has radiation protection experts who can act as supervisors or (general) radiation protection coordinators for organisations which have made a notification or which have a licence pursuant to the Nuclear Energy Act (NEA).

These supervisors and coordinators can act as your contact with the government. They ensure proper implementation of and compliance with the requirements imposed on the licensee by the NEA, as well as advising on and supporting the drafting of reports and work procedures. NRG can also second experts to strengthen the licensee’s radiation organisation.

To support remediation and decontamination projects, NRG can supply expertise in the preparatory phase, for drawing up a plan and calculating any radiation risks. Operational support for monitoring and supervision during the activities can also be provided.

The NRG experts are able to help you with:

  • The provision of radiation protection knowledge to your organisation and on the work floor.
  • The organisation of ordinary or tailor-made courses on site or at NRG.
  • The implementation of RI&Es for activities and work with ionising radiation.
  • Support and advice in the application for or amendment of a Nuclear Energy Act Licence.
  • Leak testing of encapsulated (sealed) sources and mandatory annual inspection for leakage of encapsulated sources.
  • Release of radiological areas, preparation of a release report after decontamination, and implementation of final inspection activities. See the services under Decontamination & Waste Treatment.