Asset Optimisation

Long Term Operation

NRG is Europe's leading independent consultant on LTO for Generation II nuclear power plants. It is acting as `owner's engineer` on Dutch utility EPZ's LTO project, which has led to the successful license change for 20 more years of operation. NRG also assists Ringhals NPP in Sweden using lessons learned from the Borssele LTO project. 

NRGhas developed TULIP for LTO demonstration of nuclear power plants:  

  • According to internationally accepted IAEA standard
    (Safety Report 57)
  • Successful license renewal application NPP Borssele
  • Similar approach for Ringhals NPPs Sweden
  • Main parts in both projects are:
    • Scoping and screening
    • Ageing Management Review
    • Revalidation of TLAAs
  • Generally applicable to other NPPs