The NRG Irradiation Chain for Isotopes

The majority of NRG’s activities are linked to what is called the irradiation chain. NRG has five nuclear facilities/laboratories, each providing a unique set of irradiation services, either independently or in partnership with the others, including the nuclear logistics.

Depending on the irradiation requirement, NRG offers services in each of the steps in the irradiation chain, from raw material procurement to delivery on location. Key to our service provision is irradiation. Around this, NRG offers many possibilities for research, encapsulation, waste processing and logistic services.

The full irradiation chain, step-by-step:

  • Raw materials: procurement of raw materials by NRG or own supply of raw materials
  • Pre-processing: testing, measurement and/or manufacture of raw materials (qualification
  • Encapsulation: packaging of the raw material for irradiation
  • Placement: placement of capsules in the irradiation facilities, including design and build of the facility if required
  • Irradiation: irradiation and monitoring
  • Removal: removal of the capsules after irradiation
  • Post-processing: investigation of irradiated samples into results of irradiation
  • Waste processing and storage: treatment of nuclear waste
  • Transport: worldwide logistics of irradiated products

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Within this chain, NRG adopts its unique combination of facilities, accompanied by a worldclass nuclear logistics capability for handling and transporting nuclear materials.

  • High Flux Reactor (HFR): light water-cooled material test and irradiation reactor, 45 MW thermal power. The HFR can provide a constant, high neutron flux and a large number of operating days. The HFR offers various irradiation positions both in the in-core and ex-core (pool side facility) region. This allows different irradiation conditions to be achieved and simulated in the HFR. The irradiation conditions are controlled and monitored online.
  • Hot-Cell Laboratories (HCL): radioactive material can be handled, processed, examined and repacked in the HCL. The HCL has numerous cell lines that provide a safe environment for working on (highly) radioactive materials.

More information on the nuclear facilities operated by NRG is provided in this overview.

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