Flow Design Support

Liquid and/or gas flows and corresponding heat transport play a major role in most industrial processes. A thorough analysis of these thermal-hydraulic processes is vitally important during the design or optimisation of an industrial process in order to improve safety and efficiency.

Some examples of NRG’s expertise on flow design support:

• Optimisation of gas flows through HRSGs (Heat Recovery Steam Generators), Stirling motors and gas turbines
• Design improvement of wind heaters for the steel industry
• Design support for a thermo acoustic pump and motor
• Support for the design of LNG evaporators
• Optimisation of wind turbines
• Design improvement of thermochemical heat pumps
• Concrete pouring
• The load of the air friction and pressure waves in tunnels, on viaducts and on buildings due to fast passing traffic
• Distribution of dust particles
• Flow and heat transport calculations of nuclear irradiations rigs in research reactors