Integral Project Approach: Footprint Reduction

In Petten, NRG’s unique combination of knowledge, experience, measurement methods and facilities facilitates an integral approach to decommissioning and radioactive waste issues.  In this respect, NRG has acquired specific competences relating to the decommissioning of nuclear research facilities and power stations, cyclotrons and other accelerators, fertiliser plants and oil and gas production platforms.

With regard to the ecological footprint, for an economic activity involving radioactive material, an area could be established to store the resulting radioactive waste.


  • Determining a waste strategy to reduce the volume of waste streams.
  • Supporting licence applications to manage, transport and store radioactive waste.
  • Defining cost optimisation for dismantling radioactively contaminated installations and/or process components.
  • Integral approach to dismantling radioactively contaminated installations from plan of approach to disposal of radioactive waste.

Planning/engineering – optimisation and Licensing
NRG provides a total solution for the decommissioning or treatment of radioactive waste streams, from conception to design. NRG possesses expertise in the related licensing process and knows how to tailor it to any situation.

The required documentation includes the Waste Management Plan, the Dismantling Plan, the Plan for Radiological Characterisation, the ‘Best Practices’ survey, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the Safety Report (SR) and the Waste Release Plan. NRG also supports the development of waste strategies and cost calculations for the efficient and sustainable storage of radioactive waste based on tailor-made solutions. NRG advises on the packaging and transportation of contaminated material (compliance with transport and acceptance criteria for radioactive waste). Finally, NRG provides support in other licensing issues relating to radioactive waste management.

Implementation – decontamination, characterisation and sorting
For the radiological characterisation of radioactive material, NRG uses a wide range of destructive and non-destructive techniques, distinguishing between different categories of radioactive waste. More information about the characterisation and sorting techniques is available here. NRG also specialises in the decontamination and disposal of material. See the section on Decontamination & Waste Treatment.

The entire process can be supervised by NRG’s project managers who have extensive experience in setting up complex projects in this specific field. The project managers know where the challenges lie in the project and can provide expert guidance.


• Decommissioning of ECN and Shell radiological laboratories
• Decommissioning of the Rosier fertiliser plant
• Decommissioning of the Low Flux Reactor (LFR)
• Investigation for the decommissioning of the cyclotron at Eindhoven University of Technology
• Characterisation, sorting, repackaging and disposal of ECN historic waste
• Drafting of legislation for radiation protection for Angola
• Development of an innovative disposal route for radioactive resin overseas
• The Radioactive Waste Project (Historical Waste from Petten site)


Foto: De Lage Flux Reactor uit bedrijf

Photo: The decommissioned Low Flux Reactor