Laboratory Services


NRG Laboratory Services has long-time experience analysing radioactive samples. We offer sample analysis and consultancy for a wide scope of industries including the oil & gas industry, geothermal facilities and the food processing industry.

Radioactivity measurements are being performed for all kinds of samples. The sample’s activity may vary from extremely low (e.g. NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) samples to test for free release) to extremely high active samples (e.g. samples of reactor internals for decommission projects). For pre-processing extremely high radioactive samples we have lead shielded fume hoods and hot cells.

Radiochemical analysis and consultancy

NRG laboratory services offers sample analysis and consultancy for:

  • Radiochemical analysis to show compliance with local/national regulations (for example, the Dutch “Besluit basisveiligheidsnormen stralingsbescherming”, BBS) 
  • NORM analysis for the oil & gas industry (scale, sludge) and ore processing industry
  • NORM analysis for geothermal installations (filters)
  • Low-activity measurements for control of food products
  • Analysis of environmental samples taken near nuclear installations
  • Complex multi-nuclide analysis for decommissioning projects. For example the radiochemical characterization of reactor components or legacy waste. 
  • Urine samples to check for internal body contamination
  • Total Body Count measurements (for routine operational measurements or incidents)
  • X-ray irradiation for plant breeding experiments
  • A wide variety of alpha, beta and gamma spectrometric analyses

Why measure radioactivity?

The accurate measurement and analysis of radioactivity may be relevant for many reasons:

  • For showing compliance to laws and regulations (“Accord européen relatif au transport international de marchandises Dangereuses par Route", ADR)  during transport of radioactive material. 
  • For showing compliance with Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) for storage and disposal of radioactive material. Sample analysis is needed to know if the material “fits” the facilities’ WAC.
  • For determining whether NORM material is exempt, or possession is subject to notification or a permit.

Sometimes, also the chemical properties in the radioactive material have to be determined. The facilities of NRG Laboratory Services offer analysis possibilities for those analysis questions as well.

Extensive expertise and unique facilities

NRG laboratory services has a team of well-trained and qualified radiological workers who work according an ISO17025 accredited (L621) quality management system. Moreover,  for complex projects our consultants can provide advice and may develop the most suitable analysis methodology, if needed. The team makes use of the following equipment:

  • HP (Ge) Gamma-detectors
  • Low Level Liquid Scintillation Counter systems
  • Total alpha counters and alpha spectrometry systems
  • Spectrofluorometer
  • Equipment and devices to handle samples of many materials
  • X-ray device, which is used for plant breeding experiments, for example

Analysis lead times depend on the material and scope of radionuclides than need to be reported and can vary between several days to several weeks. For example, radiochemical characterization involving complex material preparation and one or several column separation steps needs much more time than a gamma spectrometric analysis without significant sample pre-processing steps.

Overview of radionuclides that can be analysed

NRG Laboratory Services offers analysis of a wide range of radionuclides. A non-exhaustive overview of radionuclides is shown in the table below. Possibilities for analysis of other radionuclides depend on the type of decay emission and the chemical properties of the material. Please contact us for more information in such cases.


More information about our Laboratory Services?

Please download our Laboratory Services factsheet. If you need a radioactive sample to be analysed or have any questions on such analyses? Feel free to contact us by mail or phone +31 (0) 224 56 4356.