Medical Isotopes

NRG products help thousands of patients worldwide every day with respect to both diagnostics and therapeutic applications of nuclear medicine. Through NRG’s irradiation chain, many different medical products are supplied worldwide.

NRG produces a wide range of radio-isotopes for medical applications. Besides technetium-99m (daughter radio-isotope of molybdenum-99), which is only used for diagnostics, radio-isotopes can also be adopted for therapeutic applications, such as cancer treatment and pain relief. Examples of these are lutetium-177, iridium-192 and strontium-89.

Therapeutic and diagnostic applications
NRG also develops new radio-isotopes for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. The combination of therapy and diagnosis is a developing medical field with great potential, in which radioactive material specifically targets and destroys tumourcells in the patient (therapy), and emits radiation that can be detected and measured (treatment diagnosis). Thus the treatment can be monitored while it is being administered and it can be directed and modified for optimal effect. This is achieved with minimal adverse effects, fully focusing on the individual patient.

Through this combination of therapy and diagnostics, nuclear medicine will make an even greater contribution to personalised treatment, maximizing treatment efficiency, whilst minimizing unwanted side effects.

Advancing Nuclear Medicine

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