Radiation Protection

Training & Courses

Companies and organisations which carry out processes and activities with equipment and radioactive substances and which have a KeW (Nuclear Energy Act) licence or have made a notification must have available sufficient expertise concerning radiation protection. The required expertise level depends on the complexity of the processes and/or activities.

It is also important that employees in the departments are adequately trained in dealing safely with the risks of radiation. This not only removes (groundless) anxiety among employees, it can also help prevent hazardous situations and incidents.

To this end, NRG offers an extensive package of regular training courses relating to radiation safety, radiation protection and reactor knowledge. Training is provided for national and international clients in the nuclear and process industries, mineral extraction, healthcare, research institutions and for government bodies. NRG has consequently gained a good reputation particularly in the field of practical radiation protection. The programme forms a complete package of radiation protection courses, from radiation protection expertise level 5 to level 3. It is also possible to take refresher courses. Our in-service training and continuing education is recognised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (ANVS) for registration as (general) coordinating expert.