Safety & Risk

Safety Analyses

Safety analyses are an essential tool to demonstrate or assess compliance with regulatory requirements, as well as to identify possible improvements to safety and reliability. NRG has over 40 years of experience in performing and reviewing safety analyses. We use validated commercial computer codes such as RELAP5/MOD3.3, TRACE V50P3, MELCOR 2.1, and the in-house developed code SPECTRA 3.6 for advanced reactor types.

Our experts are experienced in performing safety analyses for pressurised and boiling water reactors (PWR and BWR), both for Design Base Accidents (DBA) and Severe Accidents (SA). In addition, NRG is leading when it comes to analysing phenomena unique to gas-cooled, graphite moderated reactors, including the transport and deposition of radioactive (graphite) dust and aerosols.
Our expertise can provide support during all phases of the project, including periodic safety evaluations of an existing plant, a licence application for a new plant or the analysis of a future reactor design. NRG will develop the model of the installation, perform the analyses and provide the documentation, including the relevant chapter of the Safety Analysis Report (if desired).

Besides complete safety analyses, NRG also offers consultancy services and support by technical experts on site.