Wind turbines and External Safety (QRA)

Locating new wind turbines in a densely populated area like the Netherlands is a serious challenge.

Besides disturbance aspects like noise, landscape integration and drop shadow, external safety is a serious, critical factor.

Our external safety analysis (like QRA’s) used for windturbines are being executed according to the latest applicable standards.

NRG: your partner in wind turbines risk-analyses

  • Independent risk- and safety expert;
  • Co-author of previous “Handbook’ Risk zoning Wind turbines (HRW);
  • Reviewer of the latest HRW;
  • Long experience within wind projects (more than 100 reference projects);
  • Detailed knowledge of infrastructural and external safety risks.

NRG judges the risks related to the use of wind turbines (WTG) nearby complex locations, like industrial sites, industrial installations and other infrastructures.

Based on the latest updates and modifications as implemented in the HRW, NRG decided to upgrade and redesign her own software calculation tool. This tool is a platform were possible  risks related to  external safety can be identified, quantified and reported in a very detailed, fast and efficient way.

The models used by NRG are not only very sophisticated but also very accurate. This gives you the freedom to make the correct decisions.