Refresher course Radiation Protection for Dentists and Orthodontists

This course is aimed at refreshing the radiation protection knowledge and skills of a dentist or orthodontist, who has previously obtained a diploma ‘radiation expert level 5A/M’ or ‘radiation protection for dentists and orthodontists’. The refresher frequency of this course, as referred to in the NMT guidelines, is once every 5 years.

Intended for 
Dentists and orthodontists who want to refresh their knowledge in the field of radiation and radiation protection.

• Generating X-rays
• Legislation (incl. OPA aspects and radiation protection patient and staff)
• Risk analysis radiation

NRG organises this course in cooperation with the regional NMT (Netherlands Dentistry Society) branches. It is also possible to organise a refresher course on request. Please contact NRG if you would like this option.

This customised course can be organised on request. For specific questions or if you are interested in this refresher course, please complete the information form.