Fascinating locations

NRG has two sites: at Petten and Arnhem. Some NRG staff also work at customer locations. In the Netherlands and also abroad. From North America to Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

The Petten branch is at the Petten Research Site, which is also home to the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), Curium Netherlands B.V. and the European Union’s Joint Research Centre. The High Flux Reactor is here too.

The Petten Research Site is situated on the coast in a unique dune area with a gull colony, between Alkmaar and Den Helder. The site is easily accessible by road and public transport. You can get to work every day without traffic jams.

The Arnhem branch is on the Arnhems Buiten energy business park, building B50-west, which is partially situated on the former Den Brink country estate. Here, around 70 employees from the Consultancy & Radiation Services unit have their base. A bus departs every ten minutes from nearby Arnhem Central Station, stopping at the main entrance of Arnhems Buiten.