We play an important role in studying, developing and making nuclear medicines. We also perform research and advise on safe nuclear energy for existing nuclear reactors and new innovative concepts like a thorium reactor. We are experts in radioactivity and radiation. NRG has sites in Petten and Arnhem.

Our objective

NRG believes in ‘nuclear for life’. As developers of nuclear solutions, we want to discover how we can make a positive contribution to people's lives. We care about the health and welfare of people all over the world. We are proud to be able to use our knowledge, creativity and infrastructure to find smart, safe answers relating to nuclear medicines and the performance of broad nuclear applications. We are a global leader in nuclear solutions.

Our strategy

The world is changing, our markets are changing. We are seeing strong growth in nuclear medical treatments, particularly for personalised and targeted cancer treatment. Our strategy is therefore aimed at developing the next generation of nuclear medicines. We do this by consolidating our existing operation through partnership with our clients, by expanding our R&D infrastructure and facilities and by supporting the replacement of the reactor.

Our 700 innovative and motivated employees work on a cancer-free world and a climate-neutral energy supply.

About NRG

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The demand for personal nuclear medicines to treat cancer is growing. We head the development of the new generation of cancer medicines.

Nuclear energy is in the spotlight. Nuclear energy is climate neutral and helps the world achieve its climate objectives. We study materials and reactor fuels for existing and new reactors. With smart computer models, we make nuclear energy even safer.

Our company is the knowledge and cooperation partner for works for the health sector, the energy market, the industrial sector, government and the science sector.

NRG and PALLAS form a personal union, in which the two organisations continue to exist. There is also a personal union in the Supervisory Boards.


Our values and expertise

  • We perform at the highest level of nuclear professionalism
  • We ensure continuous improvement of safety and reliability to protect people and the planet from radiation
  • Integrity has high priority. We offer and apply the highest standards of ethics and compliance, while delivering excellent services to our clients
  • We co-create and develop alongside our partners
  • We promote modest and responsible leadership and inspire employees to develop their talents
  • We use our 60 years of nuclear experience to deliver world-class solutions


We work with radioactive substances and installations. We therefore apply strict standards to our operations. These are recorded in the 5 characteristics of a High Reliability Organisation.
  • We are prepared for an unexpected event.
  • We are critical of ourselves, even in routine work
  • We are aware of the effect of our work on the entire installation and the process.
  • Our education and training are in order and we are always learning.
  • We respect expertise, we realise that we do not have a blueprint for wisdom.
More information about our nuclear facilities
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We work safely at NRG or not at all. Safety is key to everything we do. For our surroundings as well as for ourselves.

That means that with us, radioactive materials and installations are in good hands. We are independently monitored by the Netherlands Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS) and the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

We regularly conduct exercises with the government, the security services and the security region. We are prepared for any incident. We have numerous provisions, such as emergency power systems and our own fire services. In the event of more major incidents, the Security Region comes into action. In the event of incidents on a national or international scale, the national government takes over. We have reached good agreements which are well maintained.

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Gender Equality Plan

NRG|PALLAS’s ambitions for gender equality are outlined in our Gender Equality Plan (GEP) and have been translated as far as possible into concrete objectives.

Gender Equality Plan NRGPALLAS