Nuclear Solutions

Nuclear. For life.

NRG delivers nuclear solutions for health and energy. We use nuclear technology to improve quality of life.

We have an extensive history in nuclear science and technology. Nuclear science is founded on research into applications of nuclear energy. This research has given rise to a body of knowledge and substantial experience in nuclear technology, radiation and irradiation. The knowledge acquired has also produced another important application: nuclear medicine.

NRG’s research therefore targets 2 main areas:

nuclear medicine - better quality of life through better healthcare;

nuclear energy - low-carbon energy generation for a better climate.

Every day we use our nuclear know-how and infrastructure to promote worldwide health and for low-carbon energy generation.

In short: we are Nuclear. For Life.

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Cora Blankendaal
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Nuclear Solutions

Advancing Nuclear Medicine

NRG develops, irradiates and ensures worldwide distribution of materials for nuclear medicine.

For many years, NRG has been a global force in medical isotopes, producing substances which are used in nuclear medicine to diagnose disease and treat cancer. Every day we help 30,000 patients with medical isotopes from our Petten facility in the Netherlands. NRG also conducts medical research. In close collaboration with hospitals, we are accelerating development of new substances for nuclear medicine.

Advancing Nuclear Medicine

Ensuring Nuclear Performance

Safe, reliable and efficient nuclear solutions

NRG provides services in the field of nuclear technology for the safe and reliable operation of reactors and nuclear facilities, for processing radioactive waste and for protection against radiation. NRG evaluates the safe application of nuclear fuels in reactors by carrying out irradiation and measurement analyses. NRG also conducts international energy research. For example, we lead the field in graphite research in applications for nuclear reactors.

Ensuring Nuclear Performance
Nuclear Solutions

Did you know?

NRG is the world number 1 in supplying irradiated material for molybdenum-99

Procedures in the field of nuclear medicine are carried out in the Netherlands every year

The amount of waste created by someone who uses energy from the Borssele reactor for their entire life would fit in just 1 jam jar

NRG is the world number 1 in graphite research