Management NRG

Personele Unie Pallas-NRG

NRG is a part of the NRG Foundation (heretofore the ECN Foundation) and together with the Stichting Voorbereiding Pallas-reactor (PALLAS) forms a personal union, whilst the 2 organizations continue to exist. The Board of Directors is formed by CEO Bertholt Leeftink and the members of the board for NRG are Huub Cuijpers (CEO) and Maik Smit (CFO), and the members of the board for PALLAS are Hermen van der Lugt (CEO) and Nico van Ginkel (CFO). A personal union is also the case by the Supervisory Boards. Gerrit Zalm is the chairman of both Supervisory Boards.

Bertholt Leeftink

Bertholt Leeftink
CEO of the Executive Board of PALLAS and NRG



  • Before joining PALLAS and NRG, Bertholt has held various management positions at the Dutch government, such as Director-General Enterprise & Innovation at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate
  • Bertholt is a teamplayer, not afraid to think and act outside the box and currently also is the chairman of an amateur football club in Amsterdam.
  • Living in Amsterdam, Bertholt is married and he has two children. He is the author of several publications that, given his strong financial background, are mostly related to economics.

Maik Smit



  • Experienced financial leader and hands-on manager
  • Maik and his team carved-out the activities of ECN in the field of sustainable energy to TNO in 2018, after which the Foundation “Stichting ECN/NRG” was able to focus on its nuclear activities.
  • Since then, Maik and his team have been working on NRG's medical isotope strategy.
  • Passionate about solving complex financial issues and cycling. Maik enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and helps as a volunteer at local events and associations.

Hermen van der Lugt
CEO of the Foundation Preparation Pallas-reactor (PALLAS)



  • Changed and developed the PALLAS organization from a small project team into the organisation it currently is.
  • After working as a Sr. Researcher at the Telematics Institute (Novay), he led the institute as a programme and innovation director and then took the CEO position. He founded several spin-off companies that all still exist today.
  • Transformed the institute into a market-driven consultancy organisation.
  • He maintains his social network with care and dedication, he reads one book every week and enjoys a variety of music styles.

Nico van Ginkel
CFO of the Foundation Preparation Pallas-reactor (PALLAS)



  • Financial Professional with close to 20 years of international experience. He likes to be involved in complex financial and strategic organisational challenges, which he encounters at PALLAS.
  • Strong analytical and communication skills. His main achievements are successfully restructuring a precast concrete factory, growing an international construction company and the successful start-up of complex projects in various countries.
  • Father of 3 young childeren. Living in Utrecht, he is engaged as a football player, a cyclist and a board member of the third largest amateur football club in the Netherlands.

Supervisory Boards


Both the executive and the supervisory boards will be governed by an organisational structure via a so-called “personele unie” (a situation in which both organisations continue to exist autonomously, even if the same executive and supervisory boards govern them). Officially, there will be two separate supervisory boards. Gerrit Zalm has been appointed president of both supervisory boards as per April 1st, 2020. There will be practical and reasonable agreements in order to have the supervisory board function in an optimal manner.

Chairman of the supervisory boards
Dr. G. Zalm

Supervisory boards NRG and PALLAS:
Mr. L.L. Pool, Prof. dr. ir. A.H.M. Verkooijen, Drs. P.G. Winters, Dr. ir. B.C. Fortuyn, Dr. M.M.G. Pubben

J.W.R. van Lunteren MSc, Prof. dr. J. Telgen, Prof. dr. W.C. Turkenburg, Ir. P.E.M. Buck, Dr. J.H. Egberts