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High Flux Reactor produces lutetium-177

19 April 2023

Lutetium-177 chloride and lutetium-177-based radiopharmaceutical products are currently in shortage due to challenges in meeting the demand. The shortage is affecting patients worldwide. NRG understands that Dutch hospitals are experiencing  a shortage of lutetium-177 based products, with tens of patients currently waiting for their treatment. 

NRG confirms today no supply challenges of irradiated targets from the High Flux Reactor (HFR) for the production of lutetium-177. NRG continues to provide Lu-177 (based on irradiated ytterbium-176 and irradiated lutetium-176) to radiopharmaceutical companies worldwide. In the past few years, the demand for irradiation services in the HFR has increased significantly. Especially in the beginning of 2023, the reactor in Petten produced record  volumes of medical isotopes such as lutetium-177.   



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