New Molten Salt Experiment Started at HFR Petten

New Molten Salt Experiment Started at HFR Petten

06 July 2020

NRG started a new experiment within their Molten Salt Technology Program. The experiment aims to simulate what happens when the molten salt cools down to below 150 oC. Results of the study contribute to safety analysis of Molten Salt Reactors (MSR). The experiment, named SAGA, is designed to be a re-usable facility suitable for testing a range of salt compositions.

Unlike most experiments in the High Flux Reactor, SAGA is irradiated in the spent fuel pool instead of the reactor core. The test makes use of the strong gamma field emitted by spent nuclear fuel, which is temporarily stored in the reactor pool.

For SAGA, NRG has partnered with the Research Centre Řež in the Czech Republic and the Free University of Berlin in Germany. The broader molten salt program is conducted in an ongoing collaboration with the European Joint Research Center and the Technical University of Delft.

NRG contributes to international advanced reactor research through its unique research infrastructure, such as its Materials Testing Reactor and its associated laboratories. These facilities enable NRG to perform complex irradiations which are essential to nuclear Reserch & Development. Supported by the Dutch Government and European funds, NRG proposed and coordinates a multi-year MSR Research Program.



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