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Hans Meeussen appointed as associate professor at the TU Delft

09 December 2021

Hans Meeussen (NRG) has been appointed as part-time associated professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of the TU Delft.

This appointment aims to intensify the collaboration between NRG and the TU Delft in education and research and is partly financed by the NRG PIONIER research programme.

Hans is an internationally recognized expert in modelling chemical and reactive transport processes. He has developed special software for this purpose and has (co-) authored more than 50 scientific papers on this subject.

Hans collaborates in Dutch, EU and US research programmes on geological waste disposal in which his software is used to predict the migration behavior of radio nuclides in concrete and (sub) soils. Furthermore, his expertise and software is used in a wide range of projects that investigate:

  • waste treatment of molten salt reactors 
  • NORM scaling behavior in geothermic installations
  • chemical evolution of cemented waste packages
  • leaching of contaminants from municipal waste disposal sites
  • uptake of nutrients by plant roots
  • isotope separation processes

The TU Delft has complementary expertise on modelling mechanical and physical processes. Therefore, this collaboration is expected to generate new  research opportunities and application areas for both parties.

In his new role Hans will be supervising students and use NRG expertise in academic education. Vice-versa, students will have opportunities to take part in research projects in Petten, and in this way be introduced to the interesting nuclear research programme at NRG.

Hans Meeussen


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