Isotopes: Industrial Applications

Specific radio-isotopes are adopted for industrial applications such as gamma irradiation sources for quality control or gamma tracers for industrial process monitoring. In addition, NRG has a proven track record in the field of neutron...

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NRG is an internationally-operating nuclear service provider. The company produces isotopes, conducts...

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‘Petten’ starts production of medical isotope xenon-133

Thanks to intensive collaboration between Curium (formerly the nuclear business of Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals) and NRG in Petten, a complex project has been brought to a successful conclusion: the...more

Xenon package

NRG and LeadCold start collaboration on Small and Affordable Nuclear Reactors

Beginning of 2018, NRG and LeadCold started a multi-year collaboration with respect to safety analyses of the SEALER small modular lead cooled reactor under design by the LeadCold company for...more

NRG keeps its promise to Obama: production of medical isotopes using only low-enriched uranium

PETTEN – Alongside its partner company Curium, Petten-based NRG is the first facility in Europe to stop using high-enriched uranium in the production of medical isotopes. Only low-enriched uranium...more

Every day, 30000 patients benefit from medical isotopes from Petten

New online platform highlights the importance of medical isotopes Petten, 31 October 2017 - Medical isotopes are indispensable for diagnosing and treating cancer. Demand for them is set to soar over...more

NRG isotope can help predict efficacy of chemo

First testing in human subjects with radioactive cisplatin CISSPECT scheduled to start soon PETTEN – NRG has developed a radioactive platinum isotope that may help to better predict the efficacy of...more