Isotopes: Industrial Applications

Specific radio-isotopes are adopted for industrial applications such as gamma irradiation sources for quality control or gamma tracers for industrial process monitoring. In addition, NRG has a proven track record in the field of neutron...

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NRG is an internationally-operating nuclear service provider. The company produces isotopes, conducts...

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News & messages

NRG graphite irradiation creep program produces data in support of operation Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors


NRG has successfully completed a program for EDF Energy to study the effects of irradiation creep on graphite. Over a period of four years, four consecutive irradiation stages were performed on...more

NRG starts testing special metal for nuclear fusion reactor


The Netherlands and Sweden are characterising an important new material for the ITER plant PETTEN, The Netherlands - NRG has started irradiation testing of a high-tech new type of metal that will be...more

NRG and NCBJ collaborate on safe nuclear reactors


Dutch and Polish researchers use computer capacity NCBJ for simulations PETTEN/ŚWIERK – Researchers of the Dutch NRG are going to collaborate with researchers from the Polish NCBJ to further improve...more

NRG provides clarity on HTR graphites behaviour


High Temperature Reactors (HTR’s) consist of a graphite core, containing coated fuel particles embedded in spherical fuel elements, cooled by inert helium gas. The system produces heat and...more

NRG presents successful HTR-PM fuel qualification project


During the upcoming HTR2016 conference in Las Vegas, USA, Steven Knol from NRG will present the successful project approach and outcome of the HTR-PM fuel qualification project, for INET-Tsinghua...more