Isotopes: Industrial Applications

Specific radio-isotopes are adopted for industrial applications such as gamma irradiation sources for quality control or gamma tracers for industrial process monitoring. In addition, NRG has a proven track record in the field of neutron...

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NRG is an internationally-operating nuclear service provider. The company produces isotopes, conducts...

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News & messages

High Flux Reactor back in operation

Update Wednesday 31th of October 2018more

Successful Kick-off meeting STRUMAT-LTO in Petten


A group of international experts on RPV embrittlement(reactor vessel material aging) , representing 14 different organizations and 9 different countries, have met at NRG Petten on 11th and 12th...more

‘Petten’ starts production of medical isotope xenon-133

Thanks to intensive collaboration between Curium (formerly the nuclear business of Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals) and NRG in Petten, a complex project has been brought to a successful conclusion: the...more

Xenon package

NRG and LeadCold start collaboration on Small and Affordable Nuclear Reactors

Beginning of 2018, NRG and LeadCold started a multi-year collaboration with respect to safety analyses of the SEALER small modular lead cooled reactor under design by the LeadCold company for...more

NRG keeps its promise to Obama: production of medical isotopes using only low-enriched uranium

PETTEN – Alongside its partner company Curium, Petten-based NRG is the first facility in Europe to stop using high-enriched uranium in the production of medical isotopes. Only low-enriched uranium...more